Weight Loss Journey

Progress Pics

Look at me learning!!!

My camera uploads to my phone and tablet but unfornutely, my desktop is not that smart.

My workouts are 90% walking. This means….MY LEGS LOOK GREAT! (Ignore the very dirty floor mat)Very proud of them! My arms…are getting there. Trying to do weights a little more but not fond of them. Maybe I will be when they become a bit more defined?!?!

Weight Loss Journey

New Me! New Blog

As most of you probably know, I have been blogging for years. I love it. I do. I just wish I would do it more often. It has always been so much easier for me to write what I want to say than to speak it. I guess it stems from social anxiety I have been carrying for years.

New Readers?

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I started this day with the intention of making 1 blog post to each page as it has been a while since I have updated either. I started messing around with the format of my page. I couldn’t get it just the way I wanted and kinda hate that I have 2 blogs anyway so…

That brings us here.

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my site. It is still under construction and yes as basic as it is right now…took about 2 hours to get me here! Blah! I was gonna workout! Ha! Good thing the day is still young AND my day off!

First things first. Most of you are probably here because you have been following my weight loss goals. The other half? Not sure but hope you are enjoying yourself! If not, I guess you will be closing this page soon.


Where was I? Avoiding the topic at hand I guess. About a month ago, I went off my Phentermine pills. They were helping me lose weight but I wasn’t keen on the way they were making me feel. Since then I have been trying just to maintain my weight loss, which is a struggle in its own. I am remembering why I went on the pills now but in the end, I try to remind myself why I started this journey. I want to be healthy. I want to feel better and more than anything, I want to be here as long as I can for my children. My Mom only made it to 71. (NOT LONG ENOUGH!!!!) I miss her every single day but luckily I see her in my dreams pretty frequently. Just last night, she went to Disney with me!! (Something we never got to do while she was alive….#1 because we never had the money. #2 the only time she would fly was for medical reason and absolutely against her will)

My diet has been less than the best and workout? Ugh. I don’t even wanna type that word. I am burnt out. I am going into my 6th month of this stuff. I haven’t given up. I know I need to push myself further to get the results I want. For some reason, with the warmer weather, I have a whole new list of things I want to do. One of those things is eat ice cream. God I love ice cream. The best thing about living in a small town is there isn’t the temptation of a multitude of fast food restaurants. Having said that. There is still the Taste “E” Freeze!!!

And that is a real problem. They have the best ice cream in the whole wide world!!!

Luckily, I have the will power to only visit on my cheat days although my husband mentions it daily. (Sorry Pump)

Current weight: 179 (Goal Weight: 145)