Nostalgia. What is Nostalgia?

  • a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.
This year I will be turning 42 in December. 42. It doesn’t sound right nor does it look right as I type it and look back at it.
How does this happen?
Where does the time go?
Duane and I just finished binge watching a show on Netflix called Riverdale. It was one of those shows that was “suggested” by Netflix. Let’s be honest….Netflix knows me better than I know myself. My husband HATES what he calls “teeny bopper” TV so it sat on “my list” for a long time. I think I ended up reading about this on Facebook or Instagram later and watched a trailer on You Tube. After I watched the preview…I didn’t really need to know anymore. I saw Luke Perry and it brought back my entire childhood.
All of it!!!
Luke Perry.
luie perry

Look at this man. What a beautiful piece of …yes I’m about to go there MAN MEAT!!! I, like every girl I knew was a 90210 buff! I never missed it.



Looking at this picture brings me back to High School. God I hated High School. I hated school from as far back as I remember. My family didn’t have money to buy me the best clothes, we didn’t live in the nicest house…and I was fat, I didn’t care what I looked like. It just didn’t matter to me. I did however care what people thought of me. Somehow I managed to graduate…with a bunch of people I didn’t even like (minus maybe 20). It was a popularity contest.

None of that mattered when I plopped down in front of my TV to watch this show.

Needless to say, we watched Riverdale in 2 days and LOVED IT!!!

There is a song by Trisha Yearwood called “The Song Remembers When”.

How accurate is that?

I hear a song on the radio and I can remember exactly where I was in life when that song was popular.

For example:

Tim McGraw “I Like It I Love it” -I was working at Taco Johns and I remember my cousin singing this song to me.

Tim McGraw-“Don’t take the girl”-watching the music video @ my best friends house with all my favorite people in the world and how excited we were that the Mama came running around the corner with the fishing pole. (she lived!!!!)

I never thought I would know life without those people. I don’t talk to any of them anymore. In fact, I don’t even know where life has taken them. Where they work. Who they married.  I have tried to tell this to my own daughter as I know how important her friends are to her right now. It’s just one of those things that happens as you grow older. People move away, find new loves, have children. The things that were once so important….now are just memories. It is sad, but true.

Tim McGraw (I loved him okay)


I listened to this album over and over and over again. I was dating my first husband at the time. (I’m surprised I don’t hate TM now…ha)

Anything by Duran Duran-I think of my dear friend Laura. Her and her sister Ana introduced me to this amazing band.

Eric Carmen-“Turn the radio up” and Billy Idol “Mony Mony”. -Sitting on the floor in my best friend Gracie’s bedroom listening to these songs over and over on those little records (my husband said they were called 45s LOL)

Anything by Garth Brooks-my dear friend Teresa (who is STILL obsessed with this man (I won’t say how many years) later).

Juice Newton “Angel of the morning” and “Queen of Hearts”-When my Daddy had the restaurant (I think I was 5ish) These were always playing on the jukebox…Daddy would bring me a Bacon and Egg sandwich with mayo. (my favorite)

Sam Cooke-When I hear him…I think of Dad in the Navy. He was one of his favorites.

K.T Oslin- “80s Ladies” Mom loved this song and told me it reminded her and her friends. Of course she was the border line fool. Still can’t listen to this song without crying though I love it as much as she did.

There are many many more. Where was I going with this?

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. ~Ferris Bueller

Let’s go back to Luke Perry. I posted a picture from the 90s.

This is him today.


It makes me sad that all of these people that I grew up with are getting older. I know that means I am to. My Mom used to say to me, “All these people are my age…they look terrible. I don’t look that bad do I?” I always told her No. I never thought of my Mom as “old”. I always thought 71 was too young to die. I still do.

Today is Monday. I had the weekend off. I don’t want to go to work today. Not even a little bit. I will get up from this chair, shower, get ready for work and be thankful that I have a job to go to. I will kiss my boys goodbye and try to have a great day anyway.

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.”~Elizabeth Gilbert